Welcome to Thought Experiment

We all wonder about the future.   We fret about it.  We fear it.  We’re wary of the unknown.  Yet we also hope and expect the future will be better somehow.  For us.  For our kids and grandkids.  For the world.

Thought Experiment is my vehicle for preparing for an unknown future.   And helping to shape it.

Call me an optimist.  Or call me a fool.  But I believe that each of us has the power to shape our future for the better.  Sure, new technologies, gadgets, fads, and movements will come and go whether we feel ready for them or not.   But how we react is what will make the difference.  And how we react is shaped by how we think.

Thought Experiment is a platform for thinking about the future.   Often we’ll start with a question, sometimes inspired by current events or new products or discoveries.   Where we end up may surprise some of us.  And infuriate others, particularly those who blindly embrace new technology or old political ideology.

The future is out there waiting for us.   Let’s get ready, and get busy making it better.